Christina Wainer, PA-C, BS, MA


Christina Wainer, PA

If you are looking for a holistic approach to health and well-being, then maybe the universe has brought you to this page for a reason.

My name is Christina.  I have been a practicing physician assistant for over 15 years.  I began my career as an inpatient provider in the field of surgery, working with all ages.  Not long after I began my career, I realized there was something lacking in the way we practice western medicine.  We simply don’t address the mind-body-spirit connection.  There was very little time to provide care and compassion to my patients.  This created many internal struggles for me and I thought there must be a better way to truly heal the whole patient.  I contemplated leaving medicine altogether, but due to my  caregiver/ healer nature, I knew that was not an option.

I had no choice but to go back to school and explore what other healing modalities had to offer.  I pursued a Master of Arts in Integrative Healing from the Graduate Institute.  Through my studies, I researched the work of Dr. Gurevich and Dr. Trivisonno.  I found their work compelling and it filled the void in medicine that I had been looking for.  They invited me to join the team at HolisticMD.  I received my MA in 2015 and also began to study neural therapy.

Since then, I have committed myself to working at Holistic MD.  There is so much to internalize when dealing with energy medicine, so constant learning is mandatory.  I have continued my studies in neural therapy and feel this technique is extremely beneficial for energy balancing and release.  Additionally, I have completed advanced training in Integrative Energy Technique (IET) otherwise known as angel therapy.  This is a gentle and effective tool to evolve your spiritual aspect.  This engages not only the Healing Angels of the Energy Field but your own personal guardian angels and spirit guides.  I am also a level III ART practitioner and well versed in Klinghardt philosophy.   Essential oils are another favorite of mine and since have become a brand ambassador for Young Living.

It would be my pleasure to serve as your holistic health provider on your personal journey to wellness and balance.