Linda Lally, Life Coach

Linda Lally is a Certified Professional Life Coach having received certification from New York University.  As an active member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), she brings to Life Coaching a wealth of life experiences and embraces the principles of Positive Psychology to develop and motivate her clients.

Linda graduated Magna Cum Laude from Queens College, NY with a degree in Psychology for which she received Highest Honors. After spending 15 plus years in Publishing, she came to work for Dr. Michael Gurevich at HolisticMd.  Her desire was to incorporate her administrative skills as well as her coaching skills into a holistic, healing environment.  She has been a big part of the transition of HolisticMd into a fully staffed clinic of dedicated professionals who strive daily to help their patients achieve well-being and optimal health.

Using her signature strengths of compassion, kindness and open–mindedness, she encourages her coaching clients to take action and achieve goals. She incorporates the use of MFT (Mental Field Therapy) in her sessions providing her clients with a powerful self–help tool. Linda strives to instill a sense of optimism and hope in her coaching sessions and believes that we all have within us the resources to make positive behavioral changes and achieve happiness.

As a Coach who is committed to the value of Positive Psychology, Linda guides her clients to discover their own signature strengths and enables them to recognize ways that they can draw upon these strengths to lead happier, more productive lives.