A cancer diagnosis is one of the hardest things for a patient to hear.  Immediately one feels like they are being handed a death sentence when they hear that terrible word.  In their minds eye they see a future filled with nausea, vomiting, hair loss, fatigue and much more.

However in many ways a cancer diagnosis can also be a re-birth.  You have been given this pause from your life to reassess how you have been living it.  This time in your life allows you to have a physical as well as a spiritual awakening.

Integrative cancer care provides you with many complimentary treatments to help you feel better both during chemo and radiation as well as afterwords.  When you are being administered your course of chemo and radiation we will focus mainly on using supplements and herbs that have been clinically tested and found to decrease the side effects of your chemo as well as make you feel better and stronger during treatment.  We will also use acupuncture to help your body regain some of the qi, or energy, that is lost during treatment.

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