Writing Assignment Followup

Now that you have completed the previous assignment about the most stressful event in your life, we can examine and deepen your experience using a follow-up writing assignment.

First, describe in writing how it felt doing the previous assignment. Some of the questions I’d like you to answer are: What did you learn about yourself? Did your emotional or physical condition change in any way? What did your learn about your physical or emotional issues? Are these issues in any way connected to the stressful event(s) you wrote about? How did these events affect your life? How did they change your destiny? How did they change your relationships with other people? How did they make your feel for the rest of your life (sad, angry, resentful, frightened, ashamed or mistrustful)? Did it made you to become a victim, blaming others and events for what’s happening to you now?

Look at your sensations:
As you were writing, you experienced certain sensations in your body. I want you to think about where in your body you felt these sensations. Describe them to the smallest detail (size, shape, color, temperature, weight, smell etc). Pay attention to their movement in your body. Their vibrations, expansions and contractions as you write. Ask yourself: Did I ever have similar sensations before? If so, when did it happen? How did I react to people and events when it did? How did that affect my judgment and actions in those situations? Did I react to them as if I was in a middle of the stressful event I described?

Think about your Decisions:
During stressful events, people make some very important and pivotal decisions in their lives and than continue to follow them. Ask yourself: What decisions have I made when I was under stress? Describe the circumstances of you making decisions at that time. You may have been just a little kid at that time but the decision you made then might still have tremendous influence on you now. Ask yourself: Do I still need to follow this decision? Look at the realities of your life now and ask how important it is for you to still follow a decision you made then. Is it sensible now that you are more mature to still follow a decision that you made when you were much younger?

What if you become overwhelmed?
Then please stop writing and do some tapping (I can show you different ways), deep breathing, relaxation exercises or just listening to light music. Then, when you feel better, come back to your writing.

How long I should do it?
The minimum is about 30 minutes 2-3 times per week. And just like the previous assignment, please work in an undisturbed, secure, calm location, preferably out in nature.