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Neural Therapy

The most effective and unexplored tool of healing

Neural Therapy (NT) is practiced by a very limited number of medical practitioners in North America, but is well known and accepted in German and Spanish speaking countries. It is a regulation form of therapy, akin to acupuncture or homeopathy. It is accomplished primarily by the use of injections with local anesthetics, like procaine. It is effective as a treatment by itself, or synergistically to enhance other treatment modalities.

Its effectiveness is explained through the mechanism of regulating the autonomic nervous system and control of the matrix cell milieu, which is at the core of all our internal functions. It is valuable in a majority of medical and psychological conditions.  Simple injections in the areas of skin and scars, or more complicated injections in the ANS ganglia can help to resolve conditions resistant to all other treatments.

It is very effective in chronic pain, hormonal irregularities, digestive disorders, psychiatric conditions and many other issues.

Our workshops will be unique in several aspects. Our faculty consists of the most advanced NT European practitioners, assisted by experienced US physicians. They will combine theoretical with practical hands on experience. The main goal is to empower medical practitioners to implement their skills on Monday morning following the workshop.

NT is not recognized by any medical insurance, which is an advantage.  It allows you to charge patients a fee according to your comfort and skill level. Most patients are willing to pay as it provides them with a cure that they have been looking for.

  1. For beginners there will be three workshops guided by David Vinyes, MD from Spain. David is a unique full time practitioner of NT, who teaches NT in college and is sought after as a speaker all over the world.  The first workshop held December 1-3, 2017, will be the best for those who have no practical knowledge of NT, or who may have learned through observation but are not quite ready to make the transition to use it in daily practice.  This hands on workshop in a friendly, supportive environment should be very helpful. The course will have three segments taught in 2017-2018.  NT David Vinyes (5)
  2. The second series of workshops are designed for those who have been practicing NT, but have never learned hands on, are afraid to do deep injections, or need to hone their skills in NT and learn the secrets of German Biological Medicine. Participants will learn ganglia, joint injections, use of homeopathy, dental correlations and the best ways to find what and how to inject.  A significant part of the course will be devoted to learning multiple aspects of German Biological Medicine.  The course will be taught by Dr. Ralf Oettmeier.  He is a German educated physician who is currently a leading physician in Paracelsus Clinic, Switzerland. Ralf has an encyclopedic knowledge of German Biological Medicine and NT.  Few practitioners in the US have had the chance to learn the intricacies of German Biological Medicine, one of the most advanced forms of diagnosis and healing. The first workshop in this series will start on November 17-19, 2017. This workshop will have five segments taught in 2017-2018. NT Bological Medicine Seminar (11)

The fee for each workshop is $900.  

These workshops are recommended for all medical practitioners whose licensure allows them to do injections: MD, DO, ND, PA, NP, DDS and DMD.

Contact my office today by calling:  516-674-9489,  or email:

If you have any additional questions please talk to my friendly staff or myself.

I look forward to seeing you in this great course as you become an outstanding practitioner of neural therapy.


Michael I. Gurevich, M.D.

PS:  Only a few practitioners in North America know what neural therapy is or how effective it can be.  I would love for you to be our ambassador, educating your colleagues in NT, and teaching them its value and what it can offer to them in their practice, encouraging them to attend our workshops.