Scrotum Pain

Resolving scrotum pain and stopping addictive medications

How a banker was able to recover from thirty years of addiction and chronic pain using Applied Psycho-Neurobiology(APN) method

Dan was a part time banker in his early seventies. When I first say him, he was walking with a wooden cane, holding a pipe in his hand, disheveled, and dressed in dirty khaki trousers. He wanted to get off multiple prescription drugs he had been abusing for over 30 years. He had a long history of manipulating multiple doctors into giving him prescriptions for insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and alcohol abuse. He had failed multiple treatment attempts. His last attempt was in the highly respected Beth Israel hospital program. Yet, he relapsed 3 days after completing their two-month inpatient and outpatient treatment and once again started taking several barbiturates, benzodiazepines, muscle relaxants and opioid medications. He was at the end of his rope.

I was unsure if he could stay committed to my care. His wife looked dismayed but Dan insisted. There was something very warm and human in him so I decided to give it a try. I put him on Phenobarbital to prevent withdrawal from the benzodiazepines and barbiturates and called all his doctors requesting them to consult me before writing any more prescriptions.

At our next meeting we started an Applied Psycho-Neurobiology treatment. Psycho-kinesiological testing identified the Bladder as an initial issue and the Gall bladder meridian as a secondary issue; the associated emotions were shame and resentment. Other cues were the color red( usually signifies an acute problem); the temple (Gall Bladder 1) acupuncture taping point and an eye movement direction to the left. I put red color glasses on his face and asked him to focus on the word “shame” while resting his hand on top of his bladder. I began to tap his temple point with my left hand, moving my right hand in front of his eyes. He suddenly became severely enraged, grinding his teeth with resentment and making strong sounds. He was furious.

“What happened,” I asked. “Oh this bastard, I hate him…” he groaned.

He than told me a story going back more than thirty years ago. While Dan was working as a bank investigator, he uncovered fraud that was being perpetrated by prominent politicians. It was a big story but his boss, a political appointee, dismissed his discovery and did not allow Dan to report it. Dan wanted to quit his job in anger but his wife forced him to stay saying “We need the money to raise our family.” He felt anger, shame, and resentment. He began experiencing persistent groin pain—a sense of being castrated—and started to drink heavily. Multiple doctors investigated his mysterious groin pain but no physical explanation could be found. They gave him multiple prescriptions for pain, anxiety, depression and anger and he abused them all. Yet he never shared his story because nobody ever asked.

At the end of our meeting Dan felt a sense of relief and relaxation. He had entered a Yin state, a state of healing.

In the next four weeks we uncovered several more layers connected to his issues of shame and resentment. The colors of his glasses changed from red to orange to yellow to green and finally to violet as we dealt with different aspects of his psycho-emotional trauma, resolving them one by one as if peeling layers of an onion. As we did so, Dan began to change. He followed his part of the bargain by taking only those medications that I prescribed, gradually reduced the number of different pills he was taking. He cut his coffee from 20 cups a day to none and decreased his smoking. He began walking without a cane and even his groin pain subsided, first time in thirty years. He developed an interest in music and started listening to Gregorian chants every moment he could. He got involved in a men’s spiritual group in his church, developed a zest for life and an excitement about women.

Two years later he still remains free of any habit-forming medications, alcohol and any groin pain.

There were several treatment approaches used in this case, but Applied Psycho-Neurobiology played a central role. Dan continues his psychotherapy with a gifted therapist, Sharon Cope-Diaz, CSW (516-674-6155 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              516-674-6155      end_of_the_skype_highlighting). He also received several acupuncture treatments and was placed on a homeopathic remedy by Norman Suhu, L.Ac, ND (516-759-5916 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              516-759-5916      end_of_the_skype_highlighting). He received several different supplements such as fish oil and herbs. His medications were tapered and gradually reduced over a 6-week period. He was re-introduced to spirituality and given reading and writing assignments. He benefited from Systemic Family Constellation, resolving grief over his son’s death. In his treatment we addressed all 5 levels of healing.