Life Coaching

Life Coaching is an organic approach to healing. The responsibility of a Coach is to lead the patient on a journey of self-awareness guiding them to harness the resources within that are necessary for healing and well being.. At HolisticMD , we are committed to helping our patients succeed in their personal journey and offer the services of a Life Coach to provide an added value to the services already available to patients at HolisticMD.

The goal of a Life Coach is:
1. To create an Accountability Partner for the patient as they strive for wellbeing.
2. Provide the patient with tools to navigate lifestyle management, compliancy and progress as they become self-reliant.
3. Help the patient find happiness and purpose using principles of Positive Psychology with an emphasis on character strengths.
4. Help the patient become self-aware with an emphasis on the role he/she plays in recovery.
5. Encourage the patient to take an active role in recovery through exercise, meditation and spirituality.

How will the coaching process work?
1. Life Coaching can be done by phone or in person on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis, each session 30-45 minutes.
2. In the first session, patient will be directed to the VIA Institute Character Strengths Survey where for free they can find out their top character strengths. Knowing top character strengths will help both client and Coach determine where the patient can build to facilitate recovery.
3. Patient is responsible for completing a coaching prep form and returning it to the Coach before each session. The prep form allows the Coach to be aware of any challenges that may be blocking progress.
4. Sessions will be tweaked depending upon the needs of the patient.

HolisticMD strives to meet our patients where they are in the process of recovery and we are determined to help them find health and balance in their journey to well being.