Turning Point for Me

I first came to Holistic MD on the recommendation of a close friend because I had been suffering from gastrointestinal issues for 30 years. Traditional doctors had diagnosed me with gastroparesis, a motility disorder, a hiatal hernia and delayed gastric empting (likely due to an eating disorder during adolescence), had prescribed Prilosec, Tums and other acid blockers, and had recommended a diet comprised of soothing foods (heavy in dairy and carbohydrates). Their treatment plan was not helpful as I still could not digest food, and as a result, I was vomiting twice a day and was underweight. My gastroenterologist, after my second “normal” colonoscopy, finally said he thought it was “all in my head.”

Dr. Trivisonno spent over an hour with me on my first visit, listening to my story as no physician had ever done. She diagnosed me with SIBO, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, and recommended a totally different diet, the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. She performed acupuncture on me, a treatment I had tried once before and had abandoned quickly due to a horrible experience. Dr. Trivisonno was gentle and caring, and made me feel at ease. The diet she recommended, along with the herbs she prescribed, eased many of my GI symptoms almost immediately. A few months into treatment with her, I developed c-diff (from a short stay in a hospital for a viral gastroenteritis), and because of her care, managed to cure that horrible infection. Resetting once again, I continued with the weekly acupuncture, feeling stronger and stronger every week.

Neural therapy with Dr. Gurevich was another turning point for me. I was still vomiting daily on the SCD diet due to my body’s automatic response to want to push food back up. I finally agreed to try the treatment both Drs. Gurevich and Trivisonno recommended. I had a “lightening response” to my first treatment. It completely eliminated my body’s automatic inclination to push food back up, and I stopped throwing up overnight. I also went off of Prilosec and all acid blockers, and instead, began taking HCL, a stomach acid supplement. It turned out that the advice of traditional doctors had eliminated my body’s natural ability to digest food by eliminating all of my stomach acid! Dr. Gurevich and his neural therapy was the miracle treatment I was looking for, and it changed my life. Probably saved it.

I continue to see Dr. Trivisonno weekly for acupuncture and dietary advice. Her herbal remedies are continuing to help my GI system heal and normalize. I also see Dr. Gurevich monthly for neural therapy to help promote motility in my digestive track, and, now, to treat a longstanding pituitary adenoma I have had for over 15 years. It is my goal to get off my SSRIs and thyroid medication in the near term as my overall wellness improves. I feel confident in the care I receive from Drs. Trivisonno and Gurevich, and I feel “heard” in a way I never imagined I could from people in the medical profession.

KF, patient October 23, 2016