I first came to Holistic MD on the recommendation of a close friend because I had been suffering from gastrointestinal issues for 30 years. Traditional doctors had diagnosed me with gastroparesis, a motility disorder, a hiatal hernia and delayed gastric empting (likely due to an eating disorder during adolescence), had prescribed Prilosec, Tums and other acid blockers, and had recommended a diet comprised of soothing foods (heavy in dairy and carbohydrates). Their treatment plan was not helpful as I still could not digest food, and as a result, I was vomiting twice a day and was underweight. My gastroenterologist, after my second “normal” colonoscopy, finally said he thought it was “all in my head.”

Dr. Trivisonno spent over an hour with me on my first visit, listening to my story as no physician had ever done. She diagnosed me with SIBO, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, and recommended a totally different diet, the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. She performed acupuncture on me, a treatment I had tried once before and had abandoned quickly due to a horrible experience. Dr. Trivisonno was gentle and caring, and made me feel at ease. The diet she recommended, along with the herbs she prescribed, eased many of my GI symptoms almost immediately. A few months into treatment with her, I developed c-diff (from a short stay in a hospital for a viral gastroenteritis), and because of her care, managed to cure that horrible infection. Resetting once again, I continued with the weekly acupuncture, feeling stronger and stronger every week.

Neural therapy with Dr. Gurevich was another turning point for me. I was still vomiting daily on the SCD diet due to my body’s automatic response to want to push food back up. I finally agreed to try the treatment both Drs. Gurevich and Trivisonno recommended. I had a “lightening response” to my first treatment. It completely eliminated my body’s automatic inclination to push food back up, and I stopped throwing up overnight. I also went off of Prilosec and all acid blockers, and instead, began taking HCL, a stomach acid supplement. It turned out that the advice of traditional doctors had eliminated my body’s natural ability to digest food by eliminating all of my stomach acid! Dr. Gurevich and his neural therapy was the miracle treatment I was looking for, and it changed my life. Probably saved it.

I continue to see Dr. Trivisonno weekly for acupuncture and dietary advice. Her herbal remedies are continuing to help my GI system heal and normalize. I also see Dr. Gurevich monthly for neural therapy to help promote motility in my digestive track, and, now, to treat a longstanding pituitary adenoma I have had for over 15 years. It is my goal to get off my SSRIs and thyroid medication in the near term as my overall wellness improves. I feel confident in the care I receive from Drs. Trivisonno and Gurevich, and I feel “heard” in a way I never imagined I could from people in the medical profession.
-KF, patient

“Dr Gurevich’s treatment with neural therapy has changed my life. I have dramatically less chronic jaw, neck and shoulder pain, improved chronic digestive problems and no longer have nonspecific muscle pain. My overall mood and energy has improved. I never thought that at 57 I could regain this sense of wellbeing. I have been to many physicians and healers over the past 15 years. Therapies such as acupuncture, chiropractics and Tai Chi which have helped to a degree now have a greater, healing effect since I began the neural therapy. My hope is that this testimonial can help spread the word to others of this deep healing modality.”
Barbara A., patient

“I am alive because of Dr. Gurevich. Dr. Gurevich provided unconditional positive regard, support and care until I understood the purpose of my life. I experience optimal physical health and mental stability because of his training in alternative medicine and holistic psychiatry.”

M., patient

“Dr. Gurevich is an eclectic psychiatrist. He uses a multi-faceted approach with his patients. Many patients gain health from his techniques. He is a caring and warm person which adds to his approach to patient care.”

R. H., patient

“I was struggling with many difficult injuries and issues that were not dealt with effectively in traditional psychiatry. My personal struggles led me to substance abuse and self-destructive behavior. I was losing hope in having any type of a life without the medication because that is all that my other doctor was telling me. I was supposed to be a life-long victim, forever on medication. My parents tried 43 different psychiatrists on Long Island and nobody would even talk to me on the phone because I was labeled suicidal and psychotic. Doctor Gurevich accepted me as a patient and thus began my life transformation. The first step that he took was to reduce my medications and putting me on supplements. The kinesiology treatments completely changed my perception of what bodily health is. Doctor Gurevich’s methods seemed un-orthodox at first, but as my treatment continued, it was the traditional psychiatry that began to seem un-orthodox. I’ve been off all of medication, the medication that I was supposed to be on forever, for one year now. I went back to school and finished a B.S. Science degree and I have worked a year in a professional capacity. I am healthier than I have ever been and have hope for the future. I was very, very, lucky to have found him. Doctor Gurevich is more than a good doctor. He gave me my life back. He is what Doctors are supposed to be in a society: healer, teacher, and philosopher. Thank you, Dr. Gurevich, words cannot accurately describe what you have given me.”

P., patient

“I came to Dr. Gurevich because of my inability to healthily handle an adverse work situation and some very nasty custody issues with my ex-wife (in fact, I was not functioning very well in any area of my life). Dr. Gurevich led me to the realization that my past actions and behavior had conditioned me to respond in a self-destructive way. I have improved considerably under his care. I am healthier and happier than when I started. I am able to talk and act more rationally than I did before, and most importantly, my relationships with my wife and sons have improved considerably. I talk to Dr. Gurevich about my situation and how I react, Dr. Gurevich tries to get me to eat better and exercise, and he gets me to think and act on my spiritual situation. He has engaged my mind, my body, and my soul — I don’t think improvement would be possible unless I deal with me totally, and Dr Gurevich leads me to view myself more completely. Dr. Gurevich has never judged me, and he treats me as a fully functioning, intelligent person. He believes that I can get better, and I am.”

D. W., patient

With Deepest Gratitude for Our Work Together

I came to you with tears of despair
To help me heal my wounded heart.
Instead you made me aware that
I had a healer inside.

I came to you for answers
To rid off my confused state of mind.
Instead you made me aware
O had a wise woman guiding me all the time.

I came to you
To help me get rid of my emotional pain.
Instead you made me aware
That it was not mine.

I came to you
Seeking for happiness.
Instead you made me aware
This is not given but earned in time.

I came to you for acceptance
Not knowing where else to look for it.
Instead you made me aware
I did not yet feel my true essence in life.

I came to you with a tunnel vision
Blaming others for my distress.
Instead you helped open the chambers of my soul
From where I took in others and felt whole.

My whole life has turned around
Not by you giving me the things I looked for in you.
Yet by the giving of yourself
Through your wisdom, your knowledge and steadfast care.

Your student

Thanks so much for your courtesies above and beyond. You are clearly among the best psychiatrist in the world… and I have been fortunate enough to meet several of them. Your methods have taught you how to reach the root of the disorder… and then effect positive change… and probably cure many of your patients quickly. You are a blessing!

…Sundays workshop. It was a profound experience for me.

Thank you,

“I became a patient of Dr. Gurevich at a time when I was feeling very down. I had been told I had a heart condition and I had many other issues in my family to deal with. I was a zombie from lack of sleep and the effect of sleeping pills ( I tried several brands). Dr. Gurevich told me he could help me but that I had to have an open mind and be willing to try new approaches to getting my life in balance. Over the course of four months I followed Dr.. Gurevich’s advice (well most of it!) and went to therapy sessions weekly at first and then every other week. Within four months I was feeling so much better that I was able to deal with life again on my own. I am please to say this was accomplished without resource to any medications, except for holistic treatment. That was a year ago and I am please to say I have never looked back and feel wonderful.”

A grateful patient.

Dr. Gurevich,

Thank you sir! You are a brilliant doctor. A credit to the medical field. Let me explain; please bear with me. Four years ago, our son, M.L.H. came to you with severe depression and a cocaine problem…

Today M. is a president of a banking firm in Rhode Island. He is over his drug problem. He has lovely wife S. and two lovely daughters P. and S. he has a new life in part thanks to you. You indeed sir, are a credit to the medical and psychological profession. Thank you.

L. and S.H , Glen Head
Aug 2002

Dear Dr. Gurevich,

I have known you on a professional and personal basis for a few years now. I am a dermatologist and you are a psychiatrists, and you have been a person who has taught me many things , which have been beneficial for myself as well as my patients. Your alternative ways of understanding issues especially , the constellation method, is most helpful on many levels. When a patient chooses a physicians, most physicians offer their patients the same types of treatments. Your armamentarium of available treatments includes many things that other doctors are unaware of , and yet very helpful. So those who get to learn from you are all very lucky. Thank you,

J. K., M.D.


Dear Dr. Gurevich,

I am writing to share some information with you.  I came to see you for an evaluation about 6 months ago.  Believing in holistic approaches I presented with my history of Dysthymia and recent trial of Lexapro 10mg x 3 months, which I felt was unsuccessful.

During your exam you identified what you thought was the source of my problem (a thyroid issue) and suggested that I have a thyroid function test done.  Now while I just had one about 6-9 months prior, after discussing it with my physician Dr. S. G., we decided to repeat it based on your intuition.  This test was normal too so I just wrote it off.

A few months ago I arranged to have a cyst removed from my right neck area even though the biopsy was negative and just 2 weeks ago after surgery to remove the cyst I received word that the pathology report identified a papillary carcinoma originating in the thyroid.  My prognosis is good so I am not alarmed so much as I am amazed by your intuitive gift.

I just wanted to share with you that what you were picking up was indeed accurate despite the unremarkable TFT’s.  At some point in the future I plan on returning to see you again.  Until then thank you for your remarkable gift and skill.

With appreciation,


Hi, my name is Pat B. and I have been a patient of Dr. Gurevich for several years now. I am happy to report that now I only have to check in with him on a semi annual basis. Alas, but that is getting way ahead of my story. I am an R.N. with a master’s degree in nursing, and I suffered for approximately 15 years with fibromyalgia. I saw many physicians and tried many treatments, mainly medication without much relief. I am very grateful that through my search to get off my medications on the internet I came across Dr. Gurevich’s name and information about an approach that he uses to help get patient’s off unnecessary and sometimes harmful medications.

When I first met Dr. Gurevich, I was looking for some sort of miracle. I told him about my symptoms of fatigue to the point that I could barely get off the couch and pain throughout my body. He asked me a lot of questions, one was about metal in my body.  I will make a long story short and tell you that through  the testing that was done, it was determined that I had extremely and dangerously high levels of mercury in my body. I followed his protocol and slowly but surely, I began to get better. I had more energy, my head was finally clear and my pain was significantly reduced using his recommendations. Oh, yes and I began to sleep much better. I have now gone back to school and am pursuing my second master’s degree at age 57.  This NEVER would have been possible had I not been lucky enough to find Dr. Gurevich. He is truly an expert healer and I am so glad that I was able to find him and receive the relief that has given me back a life.



Dr. Tia Trivisonno:

“I have seen Dr. Tia Trivisonno on and off for over 2 1/2 years. I was extremely impressed with her ability to listen to my health concerns and to guide me on a path to healing and wellness. I first came to her for a pain I had in my thigh for over two years. I was previously told by another Dr. I should have test for a whole list of debilitating illnesses with less than favorable outcomes relying on a lifetime of medication. After the first visit, I felt 80% BETTER. My leg is no longer giving me pain. I have also seen her for digestive, women’s health and nutrition issues. I feel extremely confident in her care. I find her to be well grounded in her medicial background and the advice she gives. She has helped me work through not only physical pain but emotional and mental stress as well. She is a wonderful, passionate Naturopathic Doctor. I am fortunate to have found her.” GJA

“Dr Trivisonno is a gifted naturopath who really tunes into each patient’s special energy. Tia has been treating my family of 4 for over a year – we are a married couple with 2 children. Getting off traditional medications has been our goal and while Tia works to support that, she has also uncovered other issues that she is treating successfully. As a family, our energies do collide at times but each time we visit, Dr Trivisonno can tease out our individual concerns while also treating us successfully and collectively as a family. I recommend her to everyone who is ready for the next step in their healing process and who is willing to allow her to guide them expertly on their healing path.” KB

“At first I was scared of the little needles that Tia uses, but now they don’t hurt and I feel good when I am done.” LB 9 yrs old