David Vinyes, MD

David Vinyes

Born in Sabadell (Barcelona, Catalonia) on December 3th of 1968



Main studies

Degree in Medicine and Surgery (Autonomous University of Barcelona UAB, 1992).

Master in Neurosciences (UAB, 2016).

Master in Medical Anthropology (Rovira i Virgili University, Tarragona 1995).

Neuraltherapist since 1993.



Director of the Institute of Neuraltherapy and Regulatory Medicine, Sabadell (Barcelona).

Director and Professor of the Master Degree in Neuraltherapy and Neurofocal Dentistry (Barcelona University UB – Campus Docent Sant Joan de Déu). Since 2003.

Professor of the Master of Naturist Medicine (UB). Since 2009

Assistant Professor of the Master in Anti-Aging Medicine (UB-IL3). Since 2013

Director and professor of the Basic Course of Neuraltherapy at the Official Medical Chamber of Barcelona. (2005-2016)



Founder of the Medical Association of Neuraltherapy in Spain.

Founder and editor of the website www.terapianeural.com, created in 2000.

Member of the Scientific and Ethics Commission of de International Federation of Medical Associations of Neural Therapy.

Honour Member of the Medical Society of Neuraltherapy of Ecuador

Honour Member of the Medical Society of Neuraltherapy of Colombia.


International speaker

Speaker in the International Neuraltherapy conferences of Mexico 2000, Cuba 2002 and 2004, Colombia 2003 and 2016, Argentina 2006, Germany 2007, Catalonia 2012, Austria 2013 and 2015, Turkey 2014, Canada 2017.

Professor of the Neuraltherapy Advanced Course in Brazil 2016 and 2017.



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