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HolisticMD is a group of medical professionals located in the Nassau section of  Long Island, New York who are trained and Board Certified in their respective fields of discipline.  HolisticMd practitioners have completed training in multiple disciplines of integrative medicine, intuitive and energetic medicine and other healing modalities such as Neural Therapy.  Treatment at HolisticMD is patient specific and is aimed at optimizing health by addressing the underlying causes of mental imbalance, chronic infection, weakened immunity, and toxicity.

The approach at HolisticMD is to seamlessly integrate various time-tested ancient ways of understanding and healing with western contemporary and newly emerging ideas of knowledge and treatment with the ultimate goal of healing our clients.

We invite you to learn more about our integrative health practice on our website.

Truly an Expert Healer

Hi, my name is Pat B. and I have been a patient of Dr. Gurevich for several years now. I am happy to report that now I only have to check in with him on a semi annual basis. Alas, but that is getting way ahead of my story. I am an R.N. with a Continue Reading

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P.B. October 23, 2016